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Signum Aviation is an international trip services provider with offices in Seattle, WA, and Manchester, UK, providing flight planning, handling, obtaining permits/slots, and operational support for Part 91 flight departments. Signum Aviation offers its clients award-winning customer service and a global network of support, acting as a force multiplier for operators going overseas. Recognized at the 2019 Air Transport Awards with the “Best Business Flight Planning and Operations Support Award,” Signum Aviation is ready to meet your flight department’s needs today. Please consider using Signum Aviation when traveling outside the United States. CAA members receive a discount of 20% on standard published rates and a 7.5% fixed rate for third-party disbursement charges.


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10/16/2023 - “Thank you very much Jonathan for the excellent planning and implementation of our recent international trip from the US to France. From a “newbie” to international operations, the service provided by Signum, and you in particular, was vital. Holding our hand throughout the process and being ahead of the game at each phase was greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the great work!”

Von Gaines
Smyrna Ready Mix

06/13/2023 - "The team at Signum was an invaluable asset to me on my first planned international trip.  They helped with all the arrangements and contacts in a strange land.  Every concern I had was handled with expertise and patience.  In my particular case, some of Signum's services were not needed, and a refund was issued before I could even ask for it.  In addition, being a player with the CAA offers a level of confidence and value that allowed me to end the search for a trusted Flight Ops support team.  I highly recommend their services and will continue to use them in the future.  Thank you, Signum!"

Scott Marquardt
Sparta Aero Services, Inc.

04/16/2020 - "The flight planning services provided by Signum were terrific! As a small flight department, I was reluctant to try a new flight planning service, but I am glad I did! Kyle and the staff at Signum could not have been more helpful or professional. From the initial contact, regular check-ins, and follow-up, I was very impressed by the service, professionalism, and thoroughness.  If you are in need of flight planning, overflight permit, and/or handling services, contact Signum- you will not be disappointed!"

Ford Peterson, Chief Pilot
Bernatello's Foods

06/13/2020 -“First of all, a huge thank you for your assistance during our trip to Cancun, Mexico recently. A career in the airlines preceded by many, many years of single pilot ops cannot prepare one for the potential bureaucratic nightmare that is exit and entry to and from the USA to Mexico. Cancun and Tulum in particular are truly beautiful places and we would not have made it without the support from your flight ops team. After numerous last-minute changes to our itinerary including travel dates and ports of entry, all paperwork arrived at the right time and place and was complete in every detail. Transit through the FBO in Cancun was seamless (which is more than can be said for the times I operated commercially through there). Re-entry to the USA was equally trouble free with US Customs and Border Patrol officers in possession of all the paperwork to actually help us!! I had previously wondered what the experience of flying independently, without a Company flight operations department to back me up, would be like. Answer, it’s a breeze with you guys there 24/7, at the end of the phone or by email. And all of this amid the COVID complication. I’ll be in touch about our trip back to the UK in due course; in the meantime, please keep up the good work.”

Andy Ridings, Owner/Pilot