Fuel & Tankering Planning – FuelerLinx


FuelerLinx is the essential software system giving aircraft operators the tools they need to implement cost-saving measures quickly and effectively. With over 16,000+ fuel orders facilitated through its system monthly, the FuelerLinx marketplace begins with a continually updated database that allows operators to compare their own negotiated fuel prices globally. The system can identify price breaks at different locations based on the volume uplifted and is also regularly updated with ramp fees for FBOs.

Additional features such as the Multi-leg Tankering Calculator, Proximity Map, and Data Analysis reports make FuelerLinx a one-stop shop for anyone that wants to make fuel purchasing as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. For its multi-leg tankering calculator, FuelerLinx combines this information with pertinent aircraft performance and flight plan data to determine the cheapest way to perform a given flight without exceeding aircraft limits.

FuelerLinx makes it possible to dispatch fuel with the click of a button, sending fuel orders to contract vendors and FBOs ahead of time so that the fuel release is waiting for an aircraft upon arrival. Afterward, the system’s automated accounting features check for discrepancies based on volume breaks and market fluctuations. Finally, the system generates detailed charts that allow flight departments to track metrics such as average price per gallon, fuel savings, volumes, and vendor/FBO usage by percentage.

Special discounts apply for CAA members. Contact FuelerLinx directly to learn more.