Interested FBOs

CAA is looking for interested FBOs to join our network. We are looking for airports in underserved strategic cities, airports that are located in prime quick-turn refueling locations, and everything in between. Visits from our 12,000 plus loyal aircraft will help boost your sales and grow your business. We are equally committed to seeing our Preferred FBOs succeed and seeing our members get value for their loyalty.


Why CAA?

  • What is CAA? Corporate Aircraft Association was founded and established to assist Part 91 operators to succeed in a competitive marketplace by negotiating the best possible fuel prices and reduced fees. The program works because it's a win-win for both the member and the FBO.

  • Things to know about CAA Preferred FBO status

    • CAA has no fee or cost for the FBO to participate.

    • CAA members are loyal! They seek out CAA Preferred FBOs, resulting in increased business.

    • CAA Partners with ForeFlight/JetFuelX, FuelerLinx, and other 3rd party companies to advertise member-only pricing.

    • CAA Preferred FBOs typically offer 5000'+ runways, one or more fuel trucks, crew cars and/or rental cars, fuel additive (Prist) availability, and other amenities.
    • Preferred FBOs understand to the following:

      1. The CAA price must be at least $0.10 below the price of any other fuel program offered to transient Part 91 aircraft at your FBO.

      2. To maintain the negotiated "cost-plus" intoplane fee for the duration of the contract (standard contract is a 3-year term, exceptions may apply).

      3. To post a schedule of required fees on our website so members will know what to expect. FBO fees and /or discounts are for the agreement term (it is understood that airport-imposed fees may be subject to change).

      4. To accept Visa and Mastercard with no additional transaction fees to members. Up to 3% may be added for all other cards accepted for CAA pricing.

      5. To update fuel prices weekly on the CAA website.

      6. The FBO has the right to cancel the contract at any time, for any reason, with ten-day written notice. If the program isn't working, there's no obligation to stay.

We encourage you to contact any CAA Preferred FBOs in our network to ask how participating in the program has benefited them. Search the map on our homepage

Please complete the attached form, and one of our FBO specialists will contact you and explain our program in more detail. We look forward to hearing from you!