VAT Tax Recovery Discount


About VAT IT

VAT IT is the leader in value-added tax (VAT) recovery and expense management services for businesses globally.

Specializing in the seamless recovery of VAT and other indirect taxes incurred during business-related transactions, VAT IT assists multinational corporations across diverse jurisdictions to navigate intricate tax regulations that would otherwise prove complex and time-consuming.

With a presence in numerous countries, VAT IT utilizes its expertise and technology to identify, process, and recover eligible VAT for its clients, thereby maximizing their tax reclaims and improving overall financial efficiency. VAT IT’s commitment to innovation and compliance positions it as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to optimize their tax recovery processes.

VAT IT and Corporate Aircraft Association

As a Part 91 operator conducting flights into Europe or the APAC region, there is a tax called Value Added Tax (VAT) that will be charged and must be paid on all land-based services.

When your flight crews land and alight in foreign countries, they will inevitably incur expenses (hotel, transport, meals) that include this local VAT charges.

Since these travel costs are for business purposes, they are therefore recoverable.

Ground Handling and fuel uploads for your private jets at foreign FBO’s also attract foreign VAT which are also claimable.

As a member of CAA, we are offering a special discount on these VAT recovery services.